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Fredrik first studied civil engineering, completing his Masters thesis focusing on noise reduction in passenger vehicles. He is now more than ten years into his career at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, where he is a Level 3 Technology Specialist in collision compatibility – a role he has held for the last five years.

“I didn’t really enjoy civil engineering and quickly found myself taking a greater interest in issues linked to automotive engineering,“ recalls Fredrik. “I was working at the assembly line at Volvo Trucks when I heard about a PhD opening at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The topic sounded interesting so I jumped at the opportunity.”

Fredrik’s PhD focused on improving the biodynamic properties of a specific crash test dummy to make it more humanlike in oblique collision situations – and his research led him into a role with the Volvo Group’s research and development team for passive safety. Passive safety includes all the features that help to minimize injuries to occupants of vehicles and other road users, in the event of an accident, such as seatbelts and airbags, while the term active safety typically refers to systems that actively help prevent accidents from happening.

Looking back, Fredrik he has never regretted his decision to get involved in this field:

“There’s so much work still to be done when it comes to passive safety in the truck segment,” he explains. “Whereas safety systems for cars are heavily driven by regulations and consumer ratings, there are fewer regulations and no consumer ratings for trucks. It is a challenge to apply the thinking of passive safety that exists within the passenger car industry to the truck industry.